Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 - A year in films, at a glance (a VERY brief glance)

So the Oscars it=s long gone and so has Sundance (which I missed reporting on, but did take note of nonetheless). Here's a list of blockbusters that i can't wait for, along with some potential Oscar nominees for next year (oh Lord, it never ends!)

Okay so I've already seen Oz: The Great and Powerful, which was excellent it its art direction, viz effects and homages to the original. Story was kinda of weird, but that may have stemmed from the fact that the original is not really my favourite, and doesn't hold the same kind of precious, classic value as most film fanatics (I'll watch it again one day when I'm bored to confirm or retract this statement).

Also saw Identity Thief... Meh! It couldn't decide whether it was a comedy or a drama. Jason Bateman's character got a huge promotion in the beginning, but for a while you just didn't believe it because is seemed to break conventions of comedy - they're down and out and only at the end do they get the metaphorical/literal promotion. Having said that, it has some moments of comedy, but really isn't anything to rave about, and doesn't reach the levels of the director's (sorry, I don"t know your name) previous hit, Horrible Bosses.

Still deciding whether or not i want to see "The Croods" on big screen. I'd like to, but life... so hectic!

Totally keen for Jurassic Park in 3D!! Having only been two when it was originally released, i first saw it on VHS many years later. I want to see it for the sheer magnitude of the screen, sound and score trifecta! 3D aside.

In May,  The States gets 3 weeks of awesomeness in a row! Ironman BOOM! The Great Gatsby BOOM ! Star Trek BOOM! Can't wait to see these films, a few friends and i were actually thinking of dressing up for Gatsby on Opening night ;)

Man of Steel and The Heat (Sandra Bullock/ Melissa McCarthy cop comedy - so what if it sounds like Miss Congeniality 2 all over again) hit US screens in June, with RED 2 and The Lone Ranger in July. (those two I'm less enthusiastic about though, they'll both be maybe's on my list for now), The Wolverine, however is a definite, hell yeah!

August seems to be the month of (usually second-rate) action films. This year we have the 300 sequel, Percy Jackson, Kick Ass 2, and Elysium. If i only see Elysium out of these titles, I'll die a happy man. What Niel Blomkamp did in 2009 with District 9 was incredible, and the newly released trailer (just yesterday) sells it perfectly!!

Then of course there's all those animated films that i can't wait to see either: Epic, Monster's University, Turbo, Despicable Me 2 and more. Only one i'm totally pretending doesn't exist at this point is Planes (why oh why, Pixar!?!?).

So that's the summer covered, hopefully I'll get some free time between English Modernism and Drama and Film lectures to take us to the end of the year, and then we can get along to the possible awards season front-runners. Till then

Peace, Love and other things.