Saturday, October 3, 2009

#100. Driving Miss Daisy.

This classic movie looks at the relationship between a stubborn, old jewish woman and her sweet, black driver. The story takes us to a place where we have been taken to many times in film. America, 1948, a time where not everyone was treated equally. Yet we are able to see a different perspective on the topic, in that the movie shows how some white people treated people of other races with respect. Performances by Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman are memorable with her snappy comments and his smile-enducing laugh, it is easy to see why each of them were nominated for an Oscar (with Tandy winning). It's the kind of movie which moves at just the right pace and makes you want to watch it as a semi annual occasion. The movie is great viewing and southern American story telling. It deserves a nod and 8/10!

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