Friday, February 15, 2013

Golden Globe Predix Part 1

Best Picture – Drama
Django Unchained
Zero Dark Thirty
Life of Pi
Who should win: This is an impressive set of nominees, with each one being different from the one before. I’ve only seen Argo and Pi, (gave both 9/10), but the buzz for Argo and Lincoln is very strong. Bottom line, I’m cool with anyone of them taking home the gold.
Who will win: Heck! I have no clue. On a Global HFPA level, 4 out of the 5 are films about American history, which tells us something (what, I’m not quite sure yet). Lincoln has Spielberg going for it, and Argo has Affleck, the journalists also may feel that they did Katherine Bigelow out of a win for both picture and director in 2008 with The Hurt Locker. So its pretty much anyone’s for the taking.

 Best Picture – Musical or Comedy
Silver Linings Playbook
Les Miserables
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Moonrise Kingdom
Salomon Fishing in the Yemen
Who should win: The category says it all. Do we go for musical or a comedy? Its down to either SLP or Les Mis. The reviews for the former are much stronger than the latter, but that won’t necessarily translate into a win (if the HFPA could nominate Burlesque two years ago, they could hand a trophy to a more likeable musical). Having seen SLP the other day, I was not as blown away as I thought I would be (perhaps a second viewing will remedy that). Les Mis only comes out in SA on the 18th, so I can’t really say who should win this one.
Who will win: Tough call… Les Mis
*sidenote: Although I didn’t entirely enjoy The Best Exotic, I must say I’m glad to see it in there, along with the surprise Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (which I actually enjoyed more than Best Exotic. It was charming, and it never pushed to be anything that it wasn’t.
Best Actor – Drama
Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln
John Hawkes – The Sessions
Joaquin Pheonix – The Master
Denzel Washinton – Flight
Richard Gere – Arbitrage
Who should win: Daniel Day-Lewis Who will win: Daniel Day-Lewis. I haven’t seen any of these films, but his reputation and buzz precede him. Of his previous Oscar wins, he one only for There Will be Blood in 2008. He’s now playing an iconic president for heaven’s sake! I hope they have no problem giving it to him again – the man is brilliant and should definitely take home the globe.
Best Actress – Drama
Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty
Naomi Watts – The Impossible
Rachel Weisz – The Deep Blue Sea
Marion Cotillard – Rust and Bone
Helen Mirren – Hitchcock
Who should win: Jessica Chastain
Who will win: Even though there is definitely a solid group of women in this category, it almost seems like a done deal for Chastain. She’s won numerous awards since we first found out that she was the lead in ZDT. Her closest competition is probably Watts, but that’s just going on internet buzz.

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy
Bradley Cooper – Sliver Linings Playbook
Hugh Jackman – Les Miserables
Jack Black – Bernie
Ewan McGregor – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Bill Murray – Hide Park on Hudson
Who should win: Hugh Jackman has been going at it for a few years now, and I feel that maybe this one could be it. The role is meaty and the little that I have seen of the movie captured my attention immediately.
Who will win: I feel like its between Cooper and Jackman. Cooper seems to give something new and interesting in his role as Pat, its borderline bad, yet never seems to tip the scale into OTT disaster. Maybe journo’s think he did a better job.
Best Actress – Musical or Comedy
Judi Dench – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook
Emily Blunt – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Maggie Smith – Quartet
Meryl Streep – Hope Springs
Who should win: For the work that she does for the age that she is, Lawrence’s performance as Tiffany is completely engaging for the mere fact that you have no idea what this woman is going to do next (invite you to bed, slap you, kiss you, use your shoulder to cry on, or all of the above).
Who will win: Following her win for Iron Lady last year sort of excludes Streep (although she was once again absolutely brilliant in Hope Springs). Judi Dench is brilliant, as is Maggie Smith, but I can’t help but think that all these women (including the ‘surprise’ nomination for Blunt), were just fillers so that Jennifer Lawrence had competition on paper.

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