Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#99 Gangs of New York

I was at an acquaintence's house yesterday and stumbled upon this well-known Martin Scorsese flick. Gangs of New York. Unable to finish the entire film at once. I watched it in two parts. The rise and fall of Amsterdam and then the rise of the dead rabbits. The movie as a whole was everything a good epic should be: dramatic, historic, large sets, fancy costumes, great cast and longer than 2 and a half hours. I must compliment Cameron Diaz on a good performance that sees her do more than just look good and smile. Daniel Day-Lewis is, however, on a whole different level! His performance as "The Butcher" is truely remarkable. As always, i paid close attention to the story. When Amsterdam is taken under the Butcher's wing, you know that at some stage, he will fall! When he does you are then almost certain that The Butcher will fall... So the plot was okay. A simple story mixed with an epic stage = an above average picture that falls just short of expectations. The movie deserved its 10 oscar nominations and maybe if it wasn't up against other great films like Chicago and The Pianist, it would've won a few. Audiences should be aware that this is not a "pretty picture". There's explicit violence, language, blasphemy and some sex and nudity too, after all, this is New York... 7/10

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