Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Oscar Predictions

Well, its that time of the year again. Here are my predictions for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Please feel free to post feedback. Would love to hear from you

For a full list of the nominees:

Best Picture

Who will win: The Artist - Although the first official South African screening is only tonight, this picture is almost set to win the ultimate prize.

Who should win: This is a tough one. There is such a variety of films nominated this year, from fantasy to comedy to drama and a black and white silent film! I love The Help, and Hugo was a beautiful piece of art, however, after just seeing the trailer to The Artist, I think it would be most deserving of the top honour

Best Director

Who will win: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist - Its not easy to make a silent film so incredibly enjoyable and critically acclaimed in 2012. He apparently did the impossible.

Who should win: In terms of directing? Hmmm... Martin Scorsese, because Hugo was truly an artwork put together by meticulously by a fine artist. (No pun intended).

Best Actress

Who will win: I STILL DON'T KNOW! Streep or Davis?? I'm gonna say Davis, because the Academy loves to nominate Meryl Streep, but not actually give her a prize.

Who should win: Up until last night I was fully behind Davis. I love The Help and the character of Abileen is so beautifully acted by Viola Davis, but Meryl Streep's performance was possibly the best I have ever seen by an actor.n GIVE THE WOMAN A FRIKKEN OSCAR!!! 29 years is a long enough wait!

Best Actor

Who will win: That guy from the artist... Jean Dujardin

Who should win: Geoge Clooney is amazing, but something about Brad Pitt in Moneyball was so interesting. So different from anything he has done before, i think he or should be rewarded for it.

Best Supporting Actress

Who will win: Octavia Spencer. She was such a colourful Minnie Jackson in The Help and brought life to the story in the way few characters can in an emotional racial drama.

Who should win: Melissa McCarthy was absolutely hilarious in Bridesmaids and Bernice Bujo looks rather brilliant in The Artist too, but I'm fully behind Ms. Spencer in the end!

Best Supporting Actor

Who will win: Between the old guys, Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer. I'm thinking Plummer just because von Sydow's name hardly even come up until the academy's nominees were announced last month

Who should win: Jonah Hill totally surprised me in Moneyball, with a break from his usual over-the-top comic fare. Wait, Plummer has never won and Oscar!? What, please give the man a trophy!!

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who will win: I'd say The Descendants, because it was so truthful and beautifully subtle in its execution of storytelling

Who should win: Clooney's adaption of The Ides of March was powerful, and Moneyball was incredible, and so was Hugo... Gee, it's rather tough.... I'd go with Ides of March.

Best Original Screenplay

Who will win: Best Pictures usually win because of their stories, but this year might prove different. I predict Midnight in Paris to be the victor. Its Woody Allen's highest grossing film ever and the critics loved it too.

Who should win: Bridesmaids was the guilty treat of last year, and look, a foreign language film is also in the mix, but I believe that writing film with no spoken words is an incredible feat which deserves recognition! The Artist should win.

Best Original Score

Who will win: The Artist - It won the golden globe and music is essential for silent film making.

Who should win: Hugo's music was beautiful, and Tin Tin's amazing visual adventure was heightened by John Williams' exciting score. I'd go with The Artist, even though I haven't seen it, which doesn't make much sense...

Best Cinematography

Who will win: Hugo produced some amazing shots and brilliantly utilized 3D technology the way Avatar did two years ago. It will probably be the winner here.

Who should win: Its a tough call again. Tree of Life was a stunning visual treat for audiences, but so was Hugo? ... hmmm... Tree of Life

Best Art Direction

Who will win: Hugo... Its beautiful

Who should win: All five films nominated are amazing in terms of their design and decor. I would say Hugo, possibly The Artist, or even Midnight in Paris? No wait, no sitting on the fence... Hugo. done!

Best Visual Effects

Who will win: Planet of the Apes - although you could sometimes tell what was real and what wasn't, the shots of the climatic bridge scene were magnificent!

Who should win: Harry Potter has never won an Oscar, and its such a phenomenal film series, i can't help feeling that it should win SOMETHING! But I would actually say Hugo's effects were most contributing to the film as a whole, and that for me is most important.

The other "less interesting awards" will follow on during the week in Part 2.

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